About Us

Hi I’m John the “Main Dude” & this is my best friend and son Leo the “Lil Dude”! We live in Northampton & kick started Brooklyn Brownie Co. in the summer of 2019.

We came up with chocolatey treats covered in all sorts of sweets to sell by the postal box dozen. Starting from local deliveries, to the demand for mail orders worldwide it really suddenly went through the roof. We just like the fact that we can make other people smile and it doesn't feel like work. For me the best part is that I get to do it all with Leo which is so awesome. The start of Brooklyn Brownie Co. has extra significance to us both as Leo's mother and NHS nurse took her own life only days after Brooklyn Brownie Co. was set up. We truly believe baking and working on the business together has helped us both get through an extremely tough time for the family. If we didn't have Brooklyn Brownie Co. to keep us going and to distract us, then I don't think we would've got through the summer of 2019.

As two dudes we also found it possible to open up to each other about our feelings while coming up with some of the wacky designs and creations for the business. Since the start we have had so many amazing opportunities and met so many great supportive people. Dudes and Dudettes We live in an amazing world. Always remember to be loving and positive it costs nothing to smile 😁

We support 👍🏾 the charity CALM
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